Oct 10, 2013


Having failed to encourage and to arm twist Obama into attacking Iran the Joker of Middle East, Bibi the Netanyahu, has marshaled his army of publicity in discrediting Iran at UN. It turns out that the real intention of the criminal entity has been exposed clearly by Iran and call into question the double standard observed by the so-called free world that want this illegitimate entity to be recognised by the world. Now the tide is changing and the illegitimate entity wants legitimacy by becoming the champion of world voice and showcasing to the world the scientific advancement it has achieved over the years, so as to gain the sympathy of the world on the one hand and to caution it on the other. Whatever achievement and advancement this illegal usurpers have achieved will have no meaning as these achievements were the result of its repressive, suppressive and oppressive policies against the sons and daughters of the Land of Palestine. The world must take this nut to task by imposing sanctions and boycotts. Muslims must forge closer working relations with those Jews who are opposed to this illegitimate Zionists criminals by undermining their interests throughout the world. What surprises me is the support this entity gets from some of those dictators in the Arab world. Time has come to send them packing to the other world.


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