Oct 4, 2013


Pope Francis is really becoming a people's Pope popping up frequently on the side of common man fighting for their basic rights which the long list of his predecessors have totally ignored. This Pope is now agitating the public to go against the established order and is vociferously advocating a rebellion against the Money God of Capitalism. It was Vatican which stood defensively behind and worked hand-in-hand with these blood suckers. Now why is he is shedding crocodile tears? He should get the Vatican bank bail out all these unemployed Christians. To do that let him bring out the balance sheet of this Vatican to public scrutiny and let the faithful decide how the ill-gotten wealth should be distributed. No point pretending to partake in the suffering of the innocent while keeping the office of hypocrisy intake. The time is coming near for Vatican to be auctioned to pay for the well-being of the hungry faithfuls. No amount of belated spiritual arousing will change the course of decline, nor show of outpouring sympathy will stop the faithfuls from abandoning the Church.


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