Oct 4, 2013


All along I was thinking the word Church is an exclusive term used by the Christians. But now in the increasingly atheistic Britain, a new Church is formed by atheists who gather there to sing and dance. It is just a step behind Church becoming a night club or a go-go dance club. It is better if they change the name of their activity centre from Church to something else to reflect the nature of their business, lest pious Christians might find it offensive and start boycotting genuine Churches. My Libyan friend told me that in the early 80s our Sikh friends build their Gurudwaras in the shape of masjids and many of his countrymen mistook these turbaned Sikhs for Indian Muslim Scholars.  This mistaken identity may land many in difficulty as people tend to attach much importance to form rather than substance. It is precisely for this reason there is a need to rename the prayer place belonging to Qadiyanis and Bahais as non-Masjids, lest Muslims may mistake them as another deviant group within Islam.


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