Oct 1, 2013


The recent diplomatic attempt by both Hassan Rowhani and Barak Hossein Obama to give face to each other is a welcome step in the right direction. No doubt it has taken a long and arduous journey for this to take place. I was wondering who initiated this? Was it Hassan or Hussien? Does this really matters? Certainly the younger Hussein must respect the elder Hassan. So I think it must have been the stubborn younger one to show his willingness to talk to his elder brother Hassan, who was unjustly victimised by  false accusation leveled against them by some irritant rascal who want to see a permanent animosity between the two brothers. Now this joker cannot see the rapprochement between estranged brothers that he is rushing to Washington to alert and to warn the younger brother to stay on course by imposing more draconian sanction aimed at crippling the brother. Definitely the younger brother knows the evil intention of this joker whom he described earlier as an obstinate liar. This man is so shameless that he thinks that the world continues to buy his story. He is trying to find legitimacy in meddling in the affairs of the two brothers. It is time to severe his crotch and send him packing to historic oblivion. He should not go around drawing bombs like balls and drawing a red line on it to warn the world of danger Iran's potential Nuclear technology poses to the world. He knew for sure that he is hiding the bomb himself undeclared and not signing the non-proliferation treaty. It is time to check whether this dude has miniatured the bomb and hide it inside his pants undetected to meet Obama. Everything is possible when one is existentially threatened. It is good that this joker can continue the same old lies and let him feel that he is being taken seriously. He is trying to win legitimacy by meddling in world affairs.


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