Oct 1, 2013


The frantic decision by Pope Francis to limit the overindulgence in theology that keeps the faithful away from the Church, the Holy Father is playing the Devil's Advocate through undermining the principles and doctrines of the Cristian faith to come to terms with the reality of modern life by allowing flexibility in accommodating homosexuals and those who are in favor of abortion. Even the otherwise piously celibate Priests are allowed to get married as a step to increase the number of devote Christians as their number is reducing drastically over the past two decades or so. Thus the dogmatic Ratzsinger is now confined to the seclusion so that he can come to terms with the conflict between the doctrinal inconsistencies with modern realities. He is trying to find ways to loosen those tight ends in their doctrines while his successor Francis is on a publicity offensive to win back lost grounds. It would be better if the Holy Father will commission the Synod to relook at the entire Christan teachings in the light of the original message received by Prophet 'Isa so that the truth will convince and salvage the lost souls in many parts of the Christian world.


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