Nov 29, 2013


Again this is a story of Malaysia losing out to Singapore. After having lost lands to Singapore in botched deals and "smart" diplomacy, it is now the case of Malaysian girl fooled by Singaporean man into slavery and that too in England. I wonder what is happening? This dude Bala known popularly as Ara seems to be a psychopath who preyed on disillusioned zealots who dreamed of changing the world in their own imaginations. The communists have lost the battle of ideas to the tyrannical capitalism with some remnants still holding on to it as part of nostalgia. It is unfortunate that a talented and commonwealth scholarship holder like Siti Aisha had fallen to the oratory skill of a self-styled marxist-maoist originating from a country which has been giving lip-service to both socialism and democracy but deeply entrenched in a caste-based capitalism. He should have pursued his idealism in Singapore (which is what has been reported) with backing from his fellow communist-sympathisers who started adorning the cloak of socialistic democrats and started preaching to their own masters on how to run a country tempered with strict rules and pampered with annual handouts. 

The fact that a Malaysian is being conned for far too long all in the name of a dead ideology is fascinatingly unbelievable. Now that she has been "rediscovered" there will be an attempt to bring her back to Malaysia. This will certainly revive the Chin Peng's case to repatriate the urn containing his ash to be interned in Malaysian soil. I am wondering what would be the stand of the Malaysian government in respect of granting Siti Aisha the right to return to Malaysia. What Human Right provisions can be cited to justify her return? Would it be fair if she is allowed to come in when Chin Peng is denied?Perhaps she might be allowed on the basis that she did not participate in the killing of Malaysians. She was only making noise in England. 

Coming to think of this Singapore-Malaysia love affairs I see two different trends emerging:  our Chinese Singaporeans are interested in Malay lands and property and our Hindu Singaporeans are interested in Malay women. This leaves the Malay Singaporeans with hardly any choice. Time for them to reflect and take stock of the situation. Act now before it is too late.

            ARA THE BALA

Now that it has become clear that the so-called enslaved Malaysian denies that she was ever enslaved by Bala and that her own sibling has gone on a fact finding mission to the hospital where she was housed till the completion of the investigation which may take around 9 months till September whereafter she has promised to visit Malaysia, I think the government should make use of the opportunity to arrange for her a series of lectures so that she will be able to narrate the story of her misadventures so that the those aspiring communist zealots will be able to get a first hand account of the inner secrets of the ideology that has distracted her for too long that she had forgone her original objectives in life and discarded her love for a man who accompanied her to England. This must serve as an eye opener for many youngsters who are blinded by ideologies that belie reason and reality. I am sure she will be a good ideologue for those who still conspire silently to be inspired by such isms.

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