Nov 24, 2013


The obsession for orang puteh (white man) is a sickness that has been plaguing the Asian girls for far too long. The case of a Malaysian lady accused of "stealing Bosnian sperm" is an amazing story in the long list of Asian infatuation with Whites. What is so special in white sperm that the black or the colored sperms do not have? It is indeed an insult to the 2/3 of humanity that occupies 1/3 of the world to be discounted as unworthy. I am not a racist but I feel that this is stretching the imagination too far. My encounter with the White people only reinforced the fact that they are like all others equally ignorant and simplistic. If an unbiased survey is conducted on the general knowledge I am sure we will get very interesting results on their knoweldge of the world. This I observed when I was in UK and USA. Even the previous US President George "Dubya" Bush is known for poor knowledge of geography. That is why he attacked Iraq and Afghanistan. Unfortunately the infrastructure in Asian countries are outdated due to the persistent endemic corruption that has plagued this part of the world for long since independence from foreign powers. This case of fatal attraction reminds me of a purported meeting between Einstein and a beauty model who proposed to marry him so that the children from their union will be as beautiful as her and as intelligent as he, to this the great Einstein questioned her as what if the case is reverse? One must encourage this cross-fertilization and cross-breeding so that there will be no false sense of racial superiority. Every race has contributed significantly to the well-being of humanity.


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