Nov 2, 2013


Muslims are at the cross road of cultural confusion. In their attempt to stay relevant to the modern time they are rapaciously devouring all that the modern world can churn out at them. Recently some Muslims were keen in developing Muslim beauty contest and now it is Islamic sex shop. With the so-called resurgence of Islam, Muslims are trying to venture into areas which were once considered taboo. In America they even experimented with Muslim Wife swapping (don't get wrong ideas) with non-Muslim. But to think of such terms in the first place is obnoxiously demeaning. Whatever one's intention may be, some may even term it as a da'wah activity by pretending to promote Islam in a personal way. My gut feeling is that such idea are unwelcoming and is an act of apologetic Muslims who have lost their souls to modernity. 

Coming to this so-called sex shop though it is a bold venture, but it needs some Islamic ethics to guide it. It is not the first time Muslims have spoken about sex, despite it being a taboo-oo-ooed subject. In fact many guide books are available with proper Islamic ethics of engaging in lawfully sanctioned intimacy. The people who have coined this so-called Islamic Sex Shop, if they had used their sense of demure, they would have employed terms like "Love Shop" or to borrow Richard Burton's term "Perfumed Garden" instead of this abrasively provocative word. 

Given the growing trend to Islamize everything modern, I wonder what would be the next one? Is it Islamic Night Club? What events would be organised there? Guess what I think more Dhikr sessions and Qiyamu layl might be in the offing! Is this the way to promote Islam? May God guide the youths who are confronted with these challenges. Every effort they make in changing a bad to good would be rewarded, provided the intention and the action that flow from it are in accordance with the dictates of God. Form may not be that important but substance must not be compromised. In this light the Muslim Beauty Pageant contest in Indonesia is a welcoming one. That reflects a new trend in Muslims meeting the challenges posed by modern world by boldly innovating and courageously creating religiously complying activities that meet the demand of the time.    


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