Dec 8, 2013


One can understand China's determination to succeed as a super power in the world, given her talented pool of people who see no short-cut to hard work. The phenomenal and meteoric rise of China in the global economic arena has placed some of its people in disadvantage by selective policies of containment that mars the otherwise splendid story of China. Yes I am referring to the plight of the Uighur of Sinkiang or Xinjiang Autonomous region. The concerns expressed by Uighur Muslims on their economic and social plight is worth attending to. Increasing the Han population at the expense of the economic security of the indigenous Uighur will certainly put China in a bad picture. But then seeing the development China has brought into Xinjiang belies all such negative sentiments expressed by people who demand separation. Instead of calling for separation why not work towards a common goal that guarantees and protects communal identity? My suggestion to my brothers in Xinjiang is to take the opportunity provided by the economic boom of China by working out a strategic partnership with Beijing that will ensure a continuous patronage for a win-win situation. No amount of resistance will deliver the goal those separatists desire. China will never compromise on its territorial integrity and no amount of international pressure will bring about any change to the Uighur problem. It requires courage to compromise. By resisting the Han Chinese, who have not become majority in Xinjiang, the Uighur Muslims are bringing more catastrophes to themselves. The time has come for the Uighur to embrace challenges and come out stronger. I spoke to some of my Chinese friends in China who were sympathetic to the plights of Uighurs and they too feel that it is futile to go against a boulder. It is better to be the grass that grows even after the lawnmower rolled over it.


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