Dec 29, 2013


The news of an Indian diplomat strip searched in New York has send waves of anger in India and the Indian communities in other parts of Asia too reacted with anger. Has America crossed all its boundaries of diplomatic nicety or is it trying to arrogate its human rights record? Indians are certainly boiling with rage. Are they justified? I am sure diplomats being diplomats have some immunity that protects them from the laws of other countries. But that immunity should not be exercised in abusing the another person who is in the service of the state as well regardless of that person being diplomat or otherwise.It is this debate that is drawing some interest in both the capitals. Certainly the Americans have violated the Vienna convention that accord such immunity to the diplomat. But then being the champion and aggressive promoter of human rights in all part of the world, except in the case of Palestine, Americans were right in bringing to task the diplomat who has not paid the wage for her domestic helper. It is to me a good lesson for Indians to know that they are not in India where they can live in caste-based curse abusing people as they wish. When in Rome do as the Roman do. Follow the rule of the land in which one is in. It is time for Indians to examine their cultural idiosyncrasies and not point fingers at others for violating some protocols.

            INDIA REACTS

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