Dec 27, 2013


Iran's majlis speaker Ali Larijani has called for the West to use logic and wisdom in dealing with his country's nuclear issue. I fully agree with him that logic must be the basis for any viable solution. But he did not elaborate which type of logic the West must use, particularly when the West is keen in promoting symbolic logic and now fuzzy logic in place of the well-established but now staled Aristotelian logic. 

During my university days I debated with my learned supervisors on the usage of logic in arguing the case of Islam. In fact during my Ph.D defense I argued with Prof. Dr. John Burton (my internal Examiner), in the presence of Prof. Dr. Hugh Goddard (external examiner), the late Prof. Dr. I.K.A. Howard (my supervisor), the late M.V. McDonald (my co-supervisor), and Prof. Dr. Yasir Suleiman (the then Head of the Department), to the question on kashaf (Divine unveiling) as a method to reconcile the juristic differences as propounded by Imam al-Sha'rani in his Mizan al-Kubra, that "Islam is a rational religion that if there is no reason then there is reason for the absence of reason and kashaf is one such reason which is beyond reason". At this the learned Prof. told me that I cut short the discussion with such a rebuttal.

My advise to Mr. Larijani is that he should expect no logical response from the West because it is itself is mired in confusion over the type of logic it wants to use in dealing with Iran. West has already moved away from Aristotelian thinking on morality based on reason since long and has replaced it with postmodernistic thinking of value-nihilism. As such logic may not work. It may even employs skewed logic dictated by the illegitimate zionist entity. Only magic can do the wonder. The charm offense by the turband Rouhani was the magical moment and that must be continued with more subtle diplomacy outflanking the zionist rats that may smell and spoil the cocktail. I only wish that Iran will acquire the God-given talent to export the peaceful nuclear energy to other friendly nations around the region and the world. No need for the stupid bombs.


 Post Script:

The news of the possible collaboration between the Holy land of Islam with the Usurper Regime of Zionists may come as a surprise to many Muslims. Even though Saudi Arabia is irked by the failure of the West to nail Iran through inhuman sanction is in cohort with the zionist criminals who are contriving through every means at disposal to strike at Iran even using the airspace of the Holy Land. I wonder why the Saudi's have gone this far to sleep with that illegitimate entity? Is it a recognition of these Usurpers? The Saudis certainly will not follow any logic, because the Imam Ibn Taymiyyah whom they hold dearly was against the usage of logic that he even criticised al-Ghazali for venturing in this rationality. Of course many Muslims, particularly the followers of the Sunnah, are not happy with Iran for flexing its muscles in the region. This does not mean that the enemy of one's enemy is an enemy, particularly when that third enemy is a fellow Muslim facing the same qiblah, recite from the same Qur'an (in fact better reciters), believes in the finality of the same Prophet and serve the same God. I find this strange and wonder what is taking the Saudi's away from logic? Will their 'ulama's approve such collusion? It is time Larijani teaches logic to the Saudis before he convinces the West.


Ayatollah Hamedani pleads for the Sunni-Shi'ah rapprochement in the wake of growing sectarian feud deliberately fanned by un-islamic forces which have bankrolled some fanatically irrational Muslims into targeting fellow Muslims. He lambasted the Saudis for spearheading this hatred. Was he justified?  My reading of the Wahabi movement only reinforces the fact that they stand as the bulwark against the spread of shi'ism in the Arabian peninsular. So the competition between Saudi Arabia and Iran is quite obvious, since they gain to lose if one of them win in the current stalemate in Syria. It all started with the collapse of Iraq and the part played by the Saudis in defense of their Sheikhy Kuwaiti brother against Saddam was the start of this problem. They thought after colluding behind the scene in toppling Iraqi regime they can manage the scenario. But they were deadly wrong, for the shi'i belt was given the opportunity to consolidate their path to the Holy Places of Islam, both Makkah-Madinah and bayt al-Maqdis. Incidentally this has brought both the erstwhile enemies together in fighting the shi'i ascendancy. The Saudis must not play this game because no amount of their wealth will bring back to life those who were aimlessly killed and maimed. It is better for the Muslim communities to work towards the common agenda and not to fall into the snares of zionist machination by causing mayhem in the various capitals of the Muslim world. Saudis cannot dream of repeating the Battle of Qadisiyyah fought against those non-Muslim Persians headed by Rustam. This is Muslim Iran and Saudis should re-engage Iran for peaceful co-existence. No amount of money or brute force will change the course of things in that region. It is time our Saudi brother heed to this mullah's call even if they don't see eye-to-eye.

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