Dec 19, 2013


Increase in highly educated and carrier-minded females is sending exciting vibes in the polygamy circle of Britain. Some of them have taken this much-debated issue in their own strides and feel comfortable in being and becoming part-time wives, as they feel this is better than staying as spinsters for the rest of their lives and getting themselves into the whirlpool of self-deception. As the world has been recast in the image of women, meaning their rights are given preponderance to men's right, it is high time they look at this issue with an open mind, since most of them are not finding time to have healthy and stable family lives, as they have chosen to become career-women instead of carrier women. There must be some balance in choosing family and career, because most of the divorces are the results of such imbalance. With growing number of unwedded sisters and equally hard-headed divorcees have run out of option, except to find comfort in being part-time wives. This seems to be the lesser of the two evils. Thus the notion of one-man-one-wife is no longer tenable as increasingly world population is somewhat tilted in favor of women. This makes men the rare commodity. I see many new trends emerging in the wake this disproportionate shortage of men that many women are willing to share husband, like cab-sharing. Only in few countries the male population is slightly higher due to deliberate infanticide of female foetus. But those countries having realised the folly of their previous policies are seriously revisiting those policies to arrest the growing gender disparity. I do not see any wrong in supporting this idea of part-time wives provided they don't keep other par-time lovers by their side.


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