Dec 18, 2013


The claim of more virgin births as reported in the attached Life Science Report would mean more Jesus are being born. What is the religionists take on this? As a Muslim I believe that Prophet 'Isa's birth is a miracle just as the birth of Mother Eve who was born without a mother and the father of mankind Adam was created without father and mother. So the claim of more such virgin births without sexual intimacy or some artificial insemination is utterly unbelievable. If these claims are true than more people will claim miraculous birth and Prophethood. This news need a thorough and unbiased scientific scrutiny.

Even if one accepts for the sake of argument that there are still such miracle happens even after the miraculous birth of the blessed Prophet 'Isa' does it anyway limits the power of God, if that miracle is confined to only to that Prophet? If that was so, does it in anyway limit His power to such an extend that He is unable to create another being like him? If at all there is such a possibility for the miraculous birth to be repeated can the child born of such miracle be considered as a prophet? These questions are pertinent because it seems that science is capable of repeating such miracle. All along it was science which was used as the yardstick to judge religious truth, now the time has come to scrutinize scientific truth in the light of true Divine revelation.


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