Dec 17, 2013


The Not-So-Great-Anymore-Britian is finding itself in embarrassment with the revelation of its past crimes against humanity. The conniving criminal activities pursued by the colonial British against the natives of many of its colonised parts of the world depict a sordid image of the House of the Windsor that is trying to redeem itself from the crimes it has committed under the guise of colonial master. Many people's rights were ignored and were persecuted in pursuit of its insatiable greed. I remember the court marshelling of the Punjab regiment (consisting of Rajput Muslims) in Sepoy Lane in Singapore by three criminals Outram, Henderson and Neil for the Sepoys refusal to fight their Turkish brethren in the World War I. This incident has been so-conveniently twisted in history as 1915 Sepoy Mutiny in Singapore. I visited the lane when I first came to Singapore in the 70s. But then slowly the lane has been expunged from the map and its history is buried along with the rest of the atrocities committed by the colonialists. Many have emphasized on the need to seek compensation from the present British Government for the crimes of its predecessors. Like the British court's judgement on the Mau Mau massacre there must be justice for the all those who were unjustly treated by the British colonialists. Much of the current problems faced by many countries are the the result of the satanic handiwork of these British. They were behind the creation of the illegitimate Jewish state in the occupied lands of Palestine. What compensation can the British give to the Palestinians for the crime and betrayal they did to these homeless people? It is time to publish all their atrocities and seek compensation from them. Even if they are unwilling or unable to give compensation, I firmly hope that the learned court in Britain can demand the release of all secret documents of crime the British have committed during their colonization period so that the victimised people will find peace and will know the fate of those who perished defending the name of Britain by concealing its atrocities. I hope the present day British will investigate these crimes committed by their not-so-illustrious predecessors so that they will feel relieved of the ignominy attached to Britain as a colonial power. We saw during the funeral of Mandela that Prince Charles was not given the opportunity to read his eulogy. It is time for the present generation of the British citizens to revisit these ugly incidences and rewrite the history from strict human rights perspective. In my opinion many of the hatred expressed by Muslims against Britain has got to do with its past misconduct. Everywhere it went it was on a crusade mission to destroy Muslim influence and rights. But God is great. He will bring some Moses among these pharaohs. Changes are taking place slowly but more need to be done to bring some semblance of justice to the past atrocities committed.


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