Dec 16, 2013


The Iranian "victory" in the recently concluded Geneva talk has caused some discomfort in the Middle East. The Saudis and the rest of the erstwhile backers of strict sanction against Iran feel cheated and deceived. Even the joker of Middle East Netanyahu has felt sidelined and that his magic word of Iran as the existential threat to his illegitimate entity is no longer appealing to the Five+one members. There is no need to develop such bombs. What is needed is the technical know-how of assembling such deadly bomb at the shortest possible time. Iran should train more scientists and send them to foreign countries to spread the peaceful message of nuclear non-proliferation and must actively expose the rumor-mongering of Netanyahu. Certainly a decade of sanction has failed miserably. It is time for US and its gang to pay compensation for the damage they have collectively done to Iran's economy. At the same time they must put equal pressure on this Joker of Middle East Netanyahu to declare the nuclear program and the bombs he is hiding in the various sites in the Negev desert areas to international inspection. The argument that this Joker is civilized in his usage of such deadly weapons and the Arabs are unable to safeguard the chemical weapons and even nuclear bomb is not acceptable. Americans have deliberately started this war in Syria and Iraq to weaken the already weak Arab resistance to the criminal entity. No matter how many time Kerry can fly to Middle East in pursuit of the so-called lasting peace if he is not an honest broker of peace and genuine in his search for it he will fail miserably and there is nothing to stop the growing anti-American sentiments. He needs to mix his curry wisely and not vicely.


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