Dec 16, 2013


I have not seen Iranian liking for curry. They love kebabs. Curry is an Indian thing. I don't know why Kerry has fallen for Iranian curry? The deal brokered by Lady Ashton and blessed by the Holy Ayatollah has resulted in one of the rare diplomatic "success" for America, particularly at the heel of shameful exit from Iraq and Afghanistan. Thanks to Lady Ashton for keeping the ash [of negotiation] in tons [of diplomacy] and not letting it blown away in the wind [of hypocrisy]. All along American's were devouring the naked lies of criminal Netanyahu and his illegitimate entity that Iran is building Nuclear Bomb, which is after all its right particularly when Netanyahu and his criminal gangs have been hiding such weapons of mass destruction inside their pants undetected from the outside world. But what surprises me the most is the position of the Saudis and the Gulf Arabs who are in cohort with Netanyahu. When did they become bedfellows? I know for many years the criminal entity has been exporting its produce through neighbourly countries like Turkey and Egypt to other Muslim countries. [Interestingly recently my friend presented me with a larger-than-usual dates from that land usurpers. I refused to eat it and told him to take it back. He told me that he bought it from the famous Mustafa Shamsuddin in Singapore].

No doubt the world has come to the realization that it cannot continue imposing heartless and ruthless sanctions against an innocent people because of the action of a mullah-regime it opposes to work with. The exhaustion displayed by the 5+1 over the stalemate is sufficient to prove the frustration over the failure in finding and implementing a just solution to the problem. To begin with the whole episode of sanction was premised on the false presumption mooted by the zionists, which is found lacking in any substantiated evidence on converting nuclear material from energy use to bomb manufacturing. It is right for America to pursue the matter from the periphery of diplomatic nicety rather be in the centre of diplomatic hypocrisy driven by zionist stupidity. At least for now Kerry has realised the need for consulting others before taking any unilateral decision that may tarnish the reputation of . but I am still highly skeptical of the sincerity of American commitment to this negotiation. They have betrayed time again under pressure from zionist criminals both locally and abroad. Even the Halfgun (did I say Afghan?) Karzai is talking about deficit in American trust as they (the Americans) have built a reputation for themselves as highly unreliable. Thus what remains for US is to work out a gradual withdrawal of its troops from these occupied territories and stop this cowardly drone attack against innocent people. The world has seen the sincerity of Americans and how they betray nations in pursuit of their God-alone knows interests. I am sure Iranians are not an easy pushover. They will scrutinize every action and words and their response will be proportionate to the action from the West. It is better America tries to chart its strategy away from the tutelage of the accursed regime that occupies Palestine.


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