Dec 16, 2013


Having started the regime-change Orange Revolution in 2004 the people of Ukraine are marching on with yet another revolution that may turned out be red in colour to secede from the tutelage of Russia, which splits the country into two clear camps of pro-West and pro-Russia. Those bordering Poland and East European countries want to see Ukraine be part of the failing EU whereas those bordering the Russian territories are keen on strengthening their relations with Russia, which they cannot ignore. Having failed to win their unjust war in the war-torn Afghanistan and Iraq, and now in Syria the West and particularly the Americans are trying to poke at the Russian eye. The recent visit of Senator McCain to bolster the rebellion will only end in another fiasco for American's ill-intention. Certainly innocent Ukrainians will be slaughtered for cheap and dirty American game. It is better for Ukraine to be more circumspective in pursuing its long-term goals. Russia is there to stay and Ukraine needs to get permanent supply of gas to heat up its winter. I see the coming of the next separation wall that may run through Kiev. Are the Ukrainians prepared for a divided country?


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