Jan 1, 2014


I was wondering why there are no male prime ministers in Bangladesh. But I was dead wrong. There were many, most of them have some Rahman attached to their names, a name together with the suffixes Islam and Haqq are virtually monopolised and owned by the Bengalis. But the events that are taking place in that talented but poorly managed country do not show any sign attached to these three suffixes. It is saddening to read about one calamity after another befalling on Bangladesh even after the bloody separation from Pakistan in 1971, a war carefully choreographed by the Indians who were dissatisfied with being flanked on both sides by a physically divided but emotionally united Pakistan. The dream of making Urdu as the common language of a united Pakistan was destroyed by Bangla fanatics who saw more affinity with their ethno-lingustic brothers across the Brahmaputra and Patma rivers that divides the east from the west Bengal. Now after that bloody war of separation more Bengalis are killed on a daily basis under one pretext or the other, not to mention the perennial natural disasters coupled with crimes committed by corrupt officials. Under these situations the country is being managed by two women taking turns to helm the country only to enrich their respective families. The Bangladesh Muslims deserve a better future that is independent of Indian machination in their internal affairs. The recent execution of a 65 year old Molla was indeed the work of the Haseenah's Indian handlers. She has been eternally grateful to India for the killing spree it conducted in the so-called 1971 war of independence. The account of massacre as recorded by the writer of the book Blood and Tears is worth reading. In it the learned writer has exposed the the dirty war unleashed by the criminals in India. What Haseenah is doing is planning her own assassination. May be she wants to follow her mentor the late Indra Gandhi both in letter and spirit. I am sure the recent spate of violence that has destroyed this beautiful country with hardworking people will explode into an inferno that may destroy the remnants of Mujib's progeny. The path she has taken is violent and I am sure the violence is in for a long haul awaiting a potential military coup. The time has come for the people of Bangladesh to elect fresh blood and move away from this war of revenge which will have no end in sight.


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