Jan 14, 2014


God works in strange ways. A local vigilante group in Peru went on a moral crusade against scantly dressed women in local night clubs for polluting the environment with unsightly revelation. It is indeed a contrast to some other countries in Asia which believe in liberating women through dispensing off with clothes as mark of progress and freedom which the women are entitled to enjoy. The West has desecrated the sanctity and respect attached to women and their role in society by deliberately clothing them in scantly-clad attires revealing the contours and cleavages of their bodies. Strangely enough women consider that as expression of freedom. Even stranger enough is to find the expression "indecent exposure" is exclusively applied to man and not to women when they parade the beaches and swimming pools with such attires. So when Muslim women want to cover themselves from such indecency the West makes all the loudest noises as possible. I think what the Peruian have done in this attached clip is worth watching and if possible implemented in other countries. In this way some decency can be introduced in societies.  What do you think?


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