Mar 6, 2014


Having failed in Syria the US and the EU are on crusade mode against Russia that they are colluding in the erosion of Russian influence and control over Ukraine. The tough stand taken by Putin is understandable. He knows for sure the real motive of these capitalists. Much of the Russian oil and gas to EU passes through Ukraine and once these outlets are decapitated the West can bring Russia to its knee so that it will follow the West's mad agenda for change. I understand that changes are needed as many of their erstwhile puppets are never practiced democracy in their own countries and that they only focused on enriching the elites who robbed the people of their rights. Now many Russians and the ex-Soviet republics are craving for the return of the Soviet rule when there was a semblance of uniformity and a sense of social justice that treated everyone as equal with little or no poverty. The price this newly created old states is paying now for their new-found deceptive freedom is extreme poverty and marginalization of majority population. The criminal that need to be punished and his entire roots must be uprooted is the Gorby the bear who was much lauded in the West as a far-sighted leader and accorded him with prestigious awards for selling his people on the cheap to Western, particularly the criminal zionist-led capitalists who took control of the dismantling empire by siphoning off billions and trillions of wealth out of the country and declared themselves as oligarch and went on a shopping spree to the West occupying covetous places in London, Paris, New York and all those creepy capitals. It is high time Putin puts his leg down firmly and galvanize those disgruntled people who were tricked into this path of self-defeating democracy by some crazy demons and tell the Americans and their EU colluders to keep their distance and stop meddling in the internal affairs of the Russian neighbours. I find the American reform agenda painful and criminally motivated. They have destroyed countries on flimsy grounds based on some criminal minds who wanted to destroy their own country for some personal vendetta. The point I am talking about is the destruction of Iraq on the basis of the published lies by a perverted architect Kanan Makiya who was instrumental in the dismantling of Iraq and desecrating its honor and prestige with his shameless lies. Now this bastard is a Professor of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies and chairing the Iraq Memory Foundation to keep Iraq only in the memory of the world. We may very soon find out more such bastards who were behind the destruction of Syria, Libya, and even the break up of Sudan. Now America is riding behind the so-called Islamic movements, who were once marginalised by their own erstwhile partners in crime only to make use of them to destroy the stable countries through their agent provocateurs who were well nurtured and funded by their security apparatus to bring chaos in countries with natural resources and economic potentials so as to plant their own dummies and puppets in order to extract better deal for their staggering economies, since their previous partners are getting wiser and bolder in articulating their dissent with American perversion for hegemonic domination. What President Obama should do is to keep his finger crossed before pressing the trigger. America must work on its image not as a brutish force nor as saboteur of genuine national aspiration. Enough of its role as an "honest" broker of deal. We have seen the ugly side of American skewed justice. It kept on funding and arming both sides of the divide only to make money from the death of innocent people. Putin must play his card well and wise. He is facing a comodo dragon that is scavenging the lands for minerals. They will make use any platform to achieve their objective. They can make use of religious groups, entertainment groups like the pussy riot who let their panties down, or even the LGBT plat form to kick start some trouble with the authorities so that they can come behind them as defenders of their rights and hijack the movement for their nefarious design.


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