Feb 5, 2014


Having engineered the collapse of Soviet Union through covert and overt operations, and having destroyed many countries in the Middle East through its venomous lectures on regime change to promote its version of democracy, the people of America are increasingly realizing the folly and the curse of being the greatest bully the world has ever seen, that they are seeking secession from the Capitol Hill. It may be seen simply as white man's frustration with a grey man's rule that defies all the white man's logic for going to war that has made America the most hated country on the planet earth. This does not mean that the world hates American people. They are as oppressed as any other people. We see a growing rift within American society that represents two or more different Americas: the poor America, the rich America, the innocent America, the criminal America, the just America, the unjust America, the coloured America, the White Racist America, etc. These are few in a long list of differences that make up America.

These differences should not be interpreted as indicators of a split leading to secession. But the forces, particularly the neo-cons who conspired and concocted the lies of  9/11 and its butcherous aftermath are hell-bent on regaining their lost pride to govern are constantly hatching up plan to divide the great country of America thereby undermining the lukewarm efforts of the Greying President Obama to stop the massacre of Syria which neo-cons have planned before they exited from the White House. I for one think that it would be better if America breaks up into 51 countries. This will definitely solve the unemployment problem of America. They can hire more border guards and will spin off many more security industries resulting in millions of jobs. At the moment wealth is concentrated in the hands of few who are growing filthy rich and gobbling up much of the opportunities available to poor and hardworking Americans. It is time to give this option some serious thinking. After all it is not a bad idea? What do you think?


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