Feb 5, 2014


Violation against women are on the high. More so girls are increasingly viewed with contempt and abused sexually. The route most parents take in finding a closure to that shame is to get the raped girl married to her rapist. This is to avoid the public stigma against the girl and her family. This is no justice. The person who committed the crime must be punished before he is allowed to marry her. Marrying the raped victim to the rapist may seem to be a justifiable incarceration but it is not a punishment. Now we are pleased to hear mothers taking to street to demand justice for their daughters who were victims of statutory rape. I wonder what these NGOs are doing? Why don't they organise international protest march on such violations against women? We are seeing people taking to street in protests against politicians but they are not marching for moral justice. I wonder has modernity killed morality? 

In a recent case in Malaysia, the learned court has jailed a rapist who cleverly married his underaged victim to 20 years. I would prefer he be given public floggings and reduced jail sentence. At least he will not be living in comfort with the hard earned money of the tax payers. The suggestion to abolish child marriage is missing the point. As some girls mature up sooner than others it is better to allow those who attained the physical capability to marry regardless of their age. This call for banning such a marriage is a pretext to condemn the Prophetic practice of marriage. When career-minded sisters are unwilling to marry and have children, at least those who are willing to get married must be allowed to do so. They should not be enticed into the imaginary world of freedom where girls remain spinsters for the rest of their lives and become lesbians to satisfy their natural urges or involved in a whole series of touch-n-go relations resulting in premarital sex and unwedded mothers. It is important to keep the nasl (progeny) intact and pure from such perversions which are introduced in the name of progress and freedom.


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