Feb 5, 2014


Scientific advancement is tempting man to do all sorts of monkey works with his ability to exercise his God-given ability to think that he has now crossed all moral boundaries by enabling the mother to give birth to her daughter's child through surrogacy. The reason is not because of any medical complication for the daughter but because she is unwilling to bear any child so he sought the helping hand of her mother to carry her child instead. It is better if she hires a cow womb to incubate the child. I am not poking fun by this suggestion. In fact Imam al-Bayjuri wrote in his work that if a human child is born to a man and an animal and he grows up to be an Imam delivering the khutbah (Friday sermon) he can be slaughtered after the khutbah, since he is not a complete and perfect human being (meaning both parents being human). I am not suggesting anything drastic in respect of the Friday sermoners. 

The child the grandmother delivers will certainly be her own child and not the child of her daughter, even though she has contributed her eggs together with her own husband's sperm with which her own mother was impregnated to deliver "her" child. Wouldn't it be better for the husband to divorce this stupid girl and marry her own mother bears her daughter's burden with much delight? What do you think?


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