Mar 16, 2014


It is highly unimaginable that in this technically advanced time a sophisticatedly built airplane that is touted as the best in the arsenal of the boeing fleet that it went missing and that too for a week without being noticed by the satellites and radars that have wrapped the globe multiple times. This missing plane has caught the imagination of all the commentators and analysts that they are baffled by this mystery. Some of them have sought the help of shamans with his coconuts to locate the plane. 

I can understand if the shaman had used one coconut, but he had used two instead. That is amazingly simplistic to find a solution to this deliberate act of sabotage. I am not doubting the abilities of these shamans to communicate with the extra-terrestrial beings through their chants. Some of them have used these media to locate lost people and to get information on their current location. My late father told me about an incident where my relatives in India used these media to get update on those who were living in the Southeast Asia (mostly in Malaysia and Singapore) during the World War II when the Straits of Malacca was closed for shipping. After the end of the war when letters started coming from these part of the world confirming the news brought by these media people began to believe the veracity of that news media. What I am referring to as media is about people who have been possessed. They are capable of locating many things. I think the authorities should revive these sciences properly rather than ridiculing it as "stupid". But I do not subscribe to the idea of seeking their help in lieu of God's assistance.

My gut feeling from watching and listening to the numerous conspiracy theories mooted by various quarters is that it is a clear case of sabotage deliberately carried out by people who are unhappy with certain turn of events. The suggestion of Uighur taking revenge on Chinese treatment of them in their own land of Xinjiang or using them as a cover to settle the growing frustration with President Xi's attempt to stamp out official corruption will make Uighur less attractive. I have known Uighur people as strong-headed, free-spirited and highly hospitable that they would resort to hijacking a Malaysian plane to drive home their frustration. They may try to do it in China and not in other parts of the world. So the doubt settles on the other passengers and the crew. The presence of any technically skillful passenger might raise more eyebrows. With the exception of an Uighur Ph.D person specializing in simulation, the rest of the passengers look clean, of course with some of them traveling on stolen passports. All these only suggest that the security at KLIA is rather porous. But this is not what I witness whenever I travel by flight. Even at Subang airport we were asked to remove any metal items we have. I normally take off my belt and coins from my pocket and empty them for inspection. At no point of time my pants came down crushing, thanks to my rounded hips. So the suspect is the crew. But I also want to see that the ground technical and support staff are also vetted through. My suspicion is on any signal jammers placed in the luggage which might have caused the problem. Otherwise the official version of a deliberate turning off of the transponder stands valid and highly likely.

But the cause for such an irresponsible behavior by the crew needs a closer scrutiny. The fact that the seasoned senior pilot is a strong sympathizer and politically inclined towards the now-convicted Dato' Seri Anwar does not make him complacent in the crime, unless he had got blessings from people who gain to benefit from his political ascendancy. It is here my doubt becomes more pronounced, particularly after the seemingly innocent but unimpressively coincidental time-frame between the two events. Certainly this brings the purported sympathy of the pilot to the main discourse of the plot. But I intend to look at it from outside the cockpit. My little knowledge of the world events unravels the work of a hidden hand behind this sabotage. It is this hidden hand which is behind all the chaos in the world as it wants the change according its whims and fancies. It is this hidden hand that dictates how and with whom one should establish diplomatic relation. It is this hidden hand which has most of the sophisticated equipments that can do and undo what it wants without being traced. It is this hidden hand which knows each and every nooks and corners or the entire plane. It is this hidden hand that has embedded all communication devices known and unknown in the plane. It knows the movement of the plane and it can even announce as to whether there is any explosion inside the plane or not. So if you ask me where is the plane, I would simply say ask this hidden hand. But why should this hidden hand be so itchy to do such a dastardly act?

Given the possible routes this missing plane would have taken indicate that the plane might have landed either northwesterly in Kazakhstan crossing at the Himalayas and landing on one of the many unused airfields left by the ex-Soviet Union or southwesterly  in Lake Toba in Indonesia far away from the eyes of the satellites and the radars. The pilot could have taken an elevation followed by gliding towards the island inside the Lake. It looks bigger than Singapore. I am certain the passengers are still alive. Let's hope and pray that this ordeal will come to an end soon and a lot happier. Whatever it is the Malaysian government must take firm action against the perpetrators of this cowardly act and show no mercy in punishing them.


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