Jun 10, 2014


Copying is a basic trait of man. Some calls that copying as emulating in  a more positive tone. I am talking about copying of the story of terrorism by Nigeria. Every country is busy creating its own version of September 11 and blaming it on innocent Muslims and labeling them as terrorists to terrorise them by roping in some of the vagabonds of the society to do their bidding in causing trouble in the country. The story of Boko Haram is a story of Nigerian government and its version of September 11. It is the creation of the ruling Christian elites in Nigeria to cow down the Muslim population from aspiring political offices. The lethargy with which the Nigerian government is pursuing the kidnapping of 200 odds girls from their school and the sporadic and deliberate slaughtering of innocent people are attempts to cause chaos and calumny so that it will give the President the much needed power to exercise emergency so that the impending election can be postponed for indefinite time. Good Luck Johnathan has brought many bad lucks to Nigeria. He needs to be investigated and exposed of his collusion with criminals to stay in power. I, for one, am not fooled by his otherwise holy appearance.

It was also mentioned that those who claimed to be Bokos are in fact non-Muslim members of the military who are dressed in military fatigues and cause tribal and religious chaos in Nigeria. My advise to Nigerians is that go after the President and his henchmen who are hiding behind this crime against the people. No Muslim with the sound mind would do what these perverts have done. There is no religious basis for all these monkey works done by these jokers.


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