Jul 24, 2014


Iranian spiritual leader Ayatollah has come out is support for the destruction of the zionist entity that is causing untold miseries to the brave people of Palestine. His bold stand needs to be appreciated since many of the Muslim leaders around that occupied holy land are subservient to the dictates of this criminal regime. Egypt which lost the six-day war to these criminals due to American warning has settled for receiving few billions in exchange from the paper money printed by the Americans so that the ruling juntas can redirect their army and security personnel in quelling any uprising against the Pharonic rule. The rest of its hypocritical Arab sisters are least bothered about the killing of innocent people in Gaza that they are in cohort with this criminal entity. I think his suggestion of arming the Palestinians in West Bank will only add to their misery. Instead I wish he will recant his earlier fatwa on no nuclear bomb and issue a fresh fatwa strongly advocating the production of the nuclear bomb, may be in a miniatured way, and give it to the Palestinians in Gaza to detonate it. May be they may smuggle it into the seat of zionist power through their complicated network of tunnels. If that happens then it will force these nerdy Arabs to go nuclear as well.

I am sure by now the zionists must have started digging up to ensure the entire land is kept free from Palestinian tunnels. In my humble opinion the two-state solution is still possible by allowing the Palestinians to build their tunnels all across the length and breadth of the occupied land of Palestine with intermittent exits at the zionist bomb shelters. I think that would be very interesting. Technologies are available. I am sure the Palestinians will get more sophisticated in this tunnel technology. In case they need to learn more on this my suggestions to them is to get some help from my beloved country, since according to the Zionist entity's spokesman Mark (Freiberg) Regev, in one of the Jazeera interview, claims that the Palestinians want to make Gaza the Singapore of the Middle East as we have built more tunnels than roads, some of which may have gone beyond the physical and topographical boundary. 


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