Jul 24, 2014


President Putin has come up with the obvious that internet is after all a CIA project. At least one leader in the whole world has acknowledged it as such. But my concern is what other countries' intelligence services were doing? Were they keeping apples in their mouths that they could not invent something similar to counter it? Through this snoozing device CIA can hijack the entire control of a country like the missing MH 370, which was remote piloted by the American command. It was no doubt a project when Robert Gates was in CIA and then we see Bill Gates dropping from Harvard to concentrate on this business. I am not so sure whether both these Gates are related, but their common surname clearly indicates that they are the real gatekeepers of America. It is high time those who crave for independence to find ways to keep themselves free from falling easy victim to American hijacking be it people, plane or government. This internet is the current frontier. Wars are waged in cyber space. There are many misinformation and disinformation spreading through this internet that people are hooked onto lies and blasphemy. I take this as an effective tool to express my thoughts without fear or favor so that CIA will be aware of my where about, since I am aware of them watching me. Good keep it up.


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