Jul 22, 2014


Having successfully defended his second term in office President Obama is finding himself entrapped within the policy set up by Bush and his conniving father, who has been trying to control his criminal excitement by jumping off the plane even at 90. It only shows that the policy formulated by the Elder Bush and that which was faithfully executed by his Dubya-turned-artist son has worked beyond its expectation in destroying countries and killing innocent people as collateral damage with total impunity. All these are done to empower and to protect the criminal entity, headed by the greatest Nut in Yahoo (Netanyahu), created by colonial dispensation based on historical lies. It is in this mess Obama is trying to leave his legacy by playing low in action and high on rhetoric. His attempt to extricate himself from the mess created by Bush has only landed him in more trouble as vested groups that have been benefiting from the continuous chaos are unhappy with his political impotency. But it seems Obama is going to relish every moment of his remaining days in office issuing occasional lectures on American dream and values.

Certainly Obama has applied sudden brake on American misadventures abroad and worked tediously and prudently to bring back the war-weary American troops to salvage the remaining honors, his authorities are hijacked by the ghosts of the two Bushes who still wield much influence behind the scene as they were loyal to the various interested lobbies. It is these lobbies that are waging the many unaccounted wars in many fronts, the latest being Ukraine.

No doubt Obama has scored well in a number of issues in the home front. His health care is getting the much deserved attention and acceptance and he is getting tougher with the illegal immigrants. All these only show that the next Lady President will be from the Democrats. But I am doubtful she will follow the policies of Obama, as her policy will be to continue from where her husband has left.


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