Jul 22, 2014


The criminal entity in the occupied territories of Palestine has received protection from its American backers against the rocket pencils thrown from Gaza. Now they are boasting of their Iron Dome which can give them 90% protection from these Palestinian toys. The rest of the doomed Arabs are busy in either building condominiums or testing new condoms and have joined the chorus in condemning Hamas rocket attack against this criminal entity. Certainly these two cannot protect the Arabs from the illegitimate entity's barrage of missiles thrown from the high flying planes and tanks. The so-called might of this entity is a myth despite claiming superiority both in machine and brain powers.

What surprises the most is that at the Security Council itself these Arab camels are working hand-in-glove with the Axis of the Devil in coming up with words agreeable to the Devil. Now it seems that the entire Arab rulers are backing the barbaric criminal acts of the zionist regime while paying lip service to the plight of the Palestinians, whom many of the Arabs hate due to their potential to throw all these shakhydomes (sheikhdom). My chanced meeting with an Egyptian diplomat shed light on the deep seated anger and distrust these sell-out Arabs have against the Palestinians who are fighting for their freedom.

When we listened to the verbosity of the zionist entity and the calculative lies it is spreading in hoodwinking the equally criminal West is amazing, that the West has lost its sense of justice and fair play. Many of them are struggling to keep their conscience suppressed under fear of zionist backlash. That is why they say one thing in public and another in private. Even Kerry had slipped when he was making some off-recorded comments on the zionist entity's ruthless bombardment of the innocent Palestinians.

Despite the bragging power of the zionists, the brave Palestinians in Gaza have shown to the world that the zionists and their criminal backers use of tanks and planes to bomb innocent public will not subdue the brave nation of Palestine. It is a shame that an illegitimate criminal entity like the zionists who themselves were terrorists are accepted in the commity of nations and is now talking as though it has the legitimacy to illegitimize the Palestinians with the support of co-criminals in the UN.

The tunnels the Palestinians have constructed are indeed part of a big and complicated maze that will ultimately lead to Tel Aviv that we may one day hear that the brave Palestinians fighting the coward and nerdy zionists within their capital. That day is not far. The war that is taking place is not fair. The time has come for the world to unite against this vile force and target all its interests globally. It is heartening to see the increased global participation of non-Muslims (including Jews) in this anti-war and anti-genocide unleashed by the criminal entity in Gaza.

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