Jul 4, 2014


With the now infamous Cairo Speech of now the Post WWII's worst President of America, the greying Obama, the youths of the Middle East had a false start with the Arab spring that only saw the death of innocent thousands at the hands of the deep states of the erstwhile oppressors of the Arabs. The events that had unfolded over the past three years or so have uprooted many significant landmarks in the Islamic lands. Now people are looking at each others in sectarian terms and shamelessly attacking one another on that basis. Some of them have no hesitation in getting outside help in killing their fellow brothers and they have co-opted the avowed enemies of Islam as helpers and brothers. I wonder what has happened to the Muslims? When they are in power they are corrupt and when they are out of power they are bankrupt. 

What we have witnessed in recent days is the clarion call by some extremists to remake the now-defunct Caliphate from the rubble of Iraq and Syria and they have vowed to retake Saudi Arabia to cleanse the Holy Ka'bah of the hajr al-aswad (the black stone). These ignorant ones are trying to do away an act done by the Prophet himself. He was the one who carried it with the help of the Makkans to be placed in this present location. Are they trying to correct the action of the Prophet? Addressing this stone 'Umar Ibn al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him) said: "Had I not seen the Prophet kissing you I would not have done it" by pointing his fingers towards it.

It is good to note that the Saudis are, of late, massing up some 30,000 strong wall of soldiers to defend the territories from these extreme zealots who are bent on destroying Islam from within. But the irony is that these extremists are in fact the creation of the Saudi version of Islam. They funded and nurtured these extremists who go around desecrating Islamic sites and monuments with total impunity. In their determination to stamp out the spread of Shi'ism in the Gulf and in the Arab lands the Saudi have bankrolled many of these criminal groups to create unnecessary tension between the Muslims by pitting one against the other. All in the name of soft diplomacy aimed at neutralizing the emerging Shi'i arc that cuts across the vast land mass of Iran to Lebanon. But it seems that they are oblivious to the fact that the border guards of Iran are the Sunnis. This is despite the Saudis being the single most investors in Iran.

The Saudi's desire and determination to be the main player in the Middle East is causing the split in the Muslim world. Now they have bankrolled the Egyptian army to cause tension in Egypt by imprisoning the western-backed Muslim Brotherhood who were poised to take over the leadership from the decades-old army rule which has created a state within a state. Unfortunately the first democratically elected government in Egypt failed the acid test of democratic fair play. By marginalizing the minorities and other secularly-inclined Muslims the Muslim Brotherhood has alienated itself from the outpouring of sympathy and support it received, paving thereby the way for the reemergence of the old guards.

What is lost is the lives of many innocent youths who wanted a definite change to the days of the plunderers and looters of public wealth. Many of the Arab youths are unemployed and are growing up in a vicious cycle of abject poverty that was hitherto unknown to many in the outside world. Many of them are willing to sacrifice their lives than to live in this state of humiliation and indignation. The current wave of anger is unstoppable even if some of these Arab leaders may contemplate on getting help from the zionist entity, which is all the more eager to plunge itself into the fray thereby seeking to normalize its relations officially with countries like Saudi Arabia, so that they can get access to Makkah and Madinah, which form part of the greater zionist plot.

Our Saudi Brothers and their lesser brothers around the shaikhdoms must realise that by keeping their youths unemployed or not creating the required space or ambiance for their social interaction, they are just awaiting the time for an implosion that may invite the rogue elements that are scavenging their immediate neighborhood. The call for the Caliphate is too attractive for many unemployed and frustrated youths who take no pride in preserving and protecting any heritage. I see a deep seated vengeance in their hearts that has broke open all those safeguards, which in the opinion of these youths are crutches provided by those in power to keep them and their families in place. The world is certainly getting nastier each day. Proper justice must be done before it is too late.

            CHECHEN IN SYRIA

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