Aug 27, 2014


Increasingly Muslims are toying with the idea of stretching the limits of shari'ah to accommodate their jest and zest for freedom of expression. The Indonesian Ulama have issued fatwa prohibiting the wearing of tighter clothes that reveal the contours of the body which may attract the wrong attentions from the public. Unfortunately the ulama's are finding it hard to convince the ladies who want to show their shapes not to wear elastic clothes that can stretch to reveal the shapely cup-size of their boobs. Oops did I say something? 

It is important for the ladies to dress decently and attractively. I do not advocate the wearing of all black wrap around a Muslimah body, rather I want her to display her happiness in beautiful colours, since all colours and the colourless are Islamic. But what concerns me is that the clothed nakedness of their dressing. It is here I find freedom is stretched too far. I hope you folks agree with me.


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