Aug 7, 2014


Within a short span of five months Malaysia has lost two of its national carriers: one to a mysterious disappearance and the other as a bait in the war of the titans. In both these cases innocent lives were compromised for venting some international rage against the growing frustration of not achieving the intended change.

Many conspiracy theories have been circulating on these two incidents. There may be some truth in all these theories, but they may not be related to and reflective of the reality. I am no shaman to make use of coconut to locate the missing MH370 or to identity the perpetrators of those who downed MH17. My readings of events that preceded these two incidents suggest that it is an attempt to put pressure on the Malaysian government to toe the line and dictates of the international hegemon. So far the Malaysian leadership has avoided partisan politics in international issues, this is despite the rumor that the leadership is weak and thus can be easily pressured into submission, without resorting to violent agitation or subtle subversion through various forms of cleansing and reformation.

The two incidents are merely attempts to force and dissuade Malaysia to change its focus away from China and Russia. But the unflinching moral courage shown by the Malaysian leadership and the people must be commended for standing up to the criminal acts of this international hegemon. But now that the US analysts have confirmed that the downing of MH17 is due to an air-to-air missile from Ukraine and not due to surface-to-air missile attack by Russia, I wonder where these international liars and accusers can hide. All along they have been unjustly accusing and pressurizing Russia for providing the rebels with weapons. But the reality as it turned out is that the so-called weapons the rebels had were those which they had captured from the Ukrainian army and those they found in the military bases they inherited from the fleeing Ukrainians.

I was appalled by the audacity of American lies and their hastiness in accusing Russia of such a hienous crime based on the downing of the Korean plane that trespassed the ex-Soviet territories despite giving warning to leave the Soviet airspace, because of its growing frustration with the events they have concocted in the various parts of the world. So far nothing seems to work their way. Their accusation has led to the sanctioning of Russia and they have roped in other allies who are equally blinded to the fact that Americans always speak and stand for the truth and justice. This episode has exposed the falsity of such misnomers being attributed at least to the American leaders.

Without sufficient proofs the Americans have leveled ludicrous charges in order to deride the personality of Putin and to demonize Russia. This is clearly a case of utmost frustration and uncontrolled arrogance that stupefy Americans while harboring the idea that they can get away with anything. The world is not stupid. It has increasingly becoming clear that the world hegemon is working to undermine all countries that do not take part in its act of terror.

Malaysia has no doubt lost two planes so far in this scheme of arrogant intimidation, and I am sure more planes might be at risk to add pressure to Malaysia into submission. The leadership should never negotiate with these world terrorists. Rather Malaysia must be steadfast in building its closer relations with China, Russia and other emerging powerhouses in Asia and Latin America. India I am not so sure, since Modi has been invited to have a personal audience with the Lord Obama. It must be approached with extreme caution. Each plane they destroy Malaysia should inch closer towards these countries. At the same time Malaysia must watch closely those who sell the country for their vested interests and collaborate with these terrorists. It is time to name them and shame them so that the public will be in the know of their treachery.   

            THE REAL CULPRITS 
            CIA ON MH 370 AND MH 17
 Now even American politicians are concerned about the guilty silence observed by the US administration on the downing of the MH17. Certainly America is not telling the truth and is trying to spin all sorts of false theories and leveling baseless accusation on Russia to drag her into direct confrontation with Europe thereby creating the hype for a possible military action against Russia. The criminal zionists and their neo-cons in the American administration are behind this dirty game. Truth must be pursued at all cost and the actual perpetrators must be brought to justice no matter they are the super-power or not. It is high time to boycott the purchase of American made planes. Instead work closely with countries that are able to manufacture their own planes. The hig-handed arm-twisting tactics adopted by America in dealing with Malaysia into submitting to its dictates must be challenged and thwarted. Malaysia must inch closer to East and focus on development that benefit the people than be the agent of the hegemon.

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