Aug 3, 2014


As expected the members of the U.S. congress are kowtowing to the dictates of the criminal Zionist entity that is killing innocent Palestinians. The congressmen are frustrated with the stalemate of events in many of the countries where they wanted to cause the much-touted democratic change only to find that their hearts' desire is not fully achieved - the latest being the Ukraine drama. Susan Rice has announced an increase in defense budget to the criminal entity, despite the public and private rebuke of Kerry for reiterating the Zionist criminals ceasefire terms. I wonder what the Arab camels are doing? The Egyptian beggars are keen on getting more billions from the Americans by keeping the Rafa border crossing closed till they receive instruction from Tel Aviv. The Qataris are trying to bite more that they can chew. The Jordanians are relishing their seat in the Security Council that they want to play more neutral role that may not offend the Zionist and its benefactors. The Saudis are silently colluding with the Egyptians and Jordanians to keep the pressure up on the Palestinians. The Turks are dragged into a dirty game aimed at weakening their economy and their unity. History should serve as a lesson for the Turks on the Arab betrayal. Iran is aiming to keep the pressure up on the Zionist entity by issuing words of encouragement and calling for arming the Palestinians. Malaysia stands steadfast behind the Palestinian issues, despite losing two of its planes to world arrogance and deliberately accused by the Zionists of training the Palestinians in parachute. US is keen in supplying the stockpile of its unused ammunition to be tested in this conflict. I don't see any action being taken against this usurper of Palestine. It is clear that the Americans, Europeans and the hypocritical Arabs are responsible for the killing of the innocent Palestinians. 

The arguments that the Zionist entity has the right to exist and that it is unleashing all these atrocities in Gaza in self-defence run hollow when it has kept the Palestinians from conducting their own affairs and making their livelihood miserable by blockading their territory for at least the last seven full years. This is inhumane. This makes the Nazis saints. Hitler claims to have persecuted the Jews for causing economic terrorism in Germany and the greater Europe. So in order to appease them the Europeans, particularly the Not-so-Great Britain robbed a parcel of Muslim land and gave it to the Zionist terrorists as a present so that these criminals will not disturb them. That is why the successive governments in Britain, US and most part of the Europe have been criminally colluding with and condoning the crimes committed by the Zionists.

The so-called ceasefire ceased to ignite the fire of hope when the Zionist criminals have violated it by making incursion into the tunnels in Rafa while they were supposed hold their grounds. This led to the confrontation in which two Zionists terrorists were killed and another was claimed to have been captured only to be known latter that he was killed by their own bombardment. What these crooks have made the world know was that a relative of the Zionist minister of Defence was kidnapped and using that incident this monster of Middle East unleashed terror against innocent Palestinians killing more than 100 people in Rafa alone. Even the impotent UN and the biased US hurled accusation against the brave Palestinians. This is a disgrace. The idiots in the US congress vied with one another in their support for arming these Zionist terrorists with millions and went on a month long recess, while their apostate and ball-less Obama was hitting some golf balls after accusing the Hamas of violating the ceasefire and alleging them of kidnapping a Zionist terrorist. This only proves the fact that these congressmen (regardless of neo-con or old-con all are cons) have sold their souls to the Zionist terrorists and they have lost their courage to speak the truth. I was stunned to seen the blatant hypocrisy with which these cons protect the Zionists.

What makes the situation worst is the criminal silence observed by the custodian of the two Holy places. He criticized the terrorism committed against the Palestinians without naming the terrorists. Who is he defending? Who is he punishing? If he has problem with Hamas because they were the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood that does not mean he has to keep silence over the unabated killing of innocent Palestinians. He seems to have bargained his soul for some cheap comfort. This is shameful. It is as if he has recognised the Zionists and he feels that they are better than the Hamas. Something really wrong some where. This only reminds me of the Qur'anic verse (9:97):

9:97The (wandering) Arabs are more hard in disbelief and hypocrisy, and more likely to be ignorant of the limits which Allah hath revealed unto His messenger. And Allah is Knower, Wise.
These Arabs must be shameful that the Latinos are seeing the game US and the Zionists are playing. Members of the Non-Align Movement including China, Chile, Bolivia and even the American public are seeing the crime against humanity committed by these vile forces. Yet these Arab camels are oblivious and are complacent to the crime committed against the Palestinians. Is it a grand strategy they are playing to fool themselves or are they part of the axis of the devil? Lets wait and see how the events in the coming days unfold. Let us supplicate to Allah to shower His Infinite Mercy on those innocent souls and beseech His help in bringing the perpetrators and colluders to justice.

            UN IN HOTSPOT
            ZIONIST LIARS

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