Sep 28, 2014


The actual motive for creating chaos in the Middle East and now in Ukraine is to sustain the dwindling arms industry in America. With such havoc in the world America can start supplying lethal ammunition that crosses all moral and legal boundaries. This has been the policy of the pro-war lobby that backs the Republicans who have deep interest in oil and ammunition. I see the dirty hands of this lobby that might have "assisted" those thugs in the Middle East with the aim to cause this mayhem that may leave irrepairable damage to the social cohesion and harmony between the various ethnic and religious groups in the Middle East.

The Caliphate created by the Americans will not have the intended purpose other than alienating America from the rest of the world. Now the world sees the dirt America is playing under guise of fighting terrorism. In fact it is nurturing these terrorist to terrorize the world through Muslims. Obama's speech at the UN did not lose its usual punches but no one believes in his words any more. If he is sincere he would have started the rebuilding of the war-torn Afghanistan and Iraq which his predecessor pillaged through lies. Instead he so cowardly withdrew from there after rampaging the countries, even bombing the innocents through misguided but accurate drones.

America's aim is very clear. It is there for the long haul so that no other country will get any access to these lands without the prior approval of the cowboys in America. Muslim world must be very careful in falling into the snare of American insincere diplomacy. Muslims should be careful with American Islam that champions the liberal views that accept all sorts of moral perversity as norms under the gullible freedom of expression.  


Obama's Syrian policy is fraught with danger. He ought to know that Syria is not Iraq and that the ex-Baathists and their sympathisers are on the path of vengeance for the destruction America and its collaborators have unleashed in Iraq. Now what we are witnessing is the start of the nightmare America is going to have. The atrocities and barbarities the American forces had committed in Iraq have come to haunt them. The entire West is rocked by the criminal beheading of three or so innocent Westerners. But did they think about the barbarity they committed against the innocent Iraqis when they were running the show there? How many families were cheated of their happiness and their beloved ones. America must learn its lessons that no amount of sophisticated weapons or social engineerings orchestrated by its think-tanks will wrought nothing if it is not sincere in its commitment in the development of the countries they have destroyed in their mad pursuits to dominate the world and to loot its wealth. The world has seen the real face of American democracy that let loose disgruntled youths to wretch havoc to the existing order in their respective countries. It is better America be the promoter of world peace and stability as many have now become disenchanted with the values America promotes and practices. This disconnect is what angers many of its admirers and supporters. I am certain the reactions that may come from this incessant bombing will be worst then what is happening now. Arrogance begets arrogance if not stubbornness.


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