Oct 22, 2014


Thanks to the sanction that Putin has reworked his priorities eastward to China that he has proposed a 230 billion 7000 kilometer land link connecting Moscow to Beijing. Indeed a good move. Only thing both these sides have to take into consideration is the dimension of trouble cooked up by the West through creating artificial crises ostensibly to look for weapons of mass destruction and occupy the lands to make their presence known. They will certainly keep these areas or countries including Afghanistan and Pakistan under constant bombardment citing all sorts of terrorist stories. It is better if both China and Russia also work together to  build more meaningful relations with Afghanistan and Pakistan together with Iran. Handling the Arab world at this time will not be that easy as the Arabs are hell-bent on destroying themselves to stay in power with the help of hegemonic Western powers. This is what we are witnessing in most of the Arab countries. I hope with the coming of this link together with the Kunming - Singapore rail link I may be able to take a train trip to Moscow. That day will not be that long. If not I have to write a will to my grandson to fulfill this dream.


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