Oct 22, 2014


The ugly and unjust war against helpless Gazans has seen some change coming from the Scandinavians when Sweden has gone out of its way to recognize the voiceless people of Palestine. This is in contrast to the betrayal of the Americans who paid lip-service to the decades-old Palestinian problem as they have all along colluded with the zionist entity, with covet blessings from the hypocritical Arabs, since most of their elected congressmen are bankrolled by the vested zionist lobbies that are strangling the noose around justice and fair-play. America has lost its respectful position as the unparallelled superior power as it has failed to rein in the zionist criminals. Instead it has been funding and feeding the criminals with more deadly weapons. It is good that Sweden has taken this bold initiative. But what we saw in the British parliament recently in respect of the motion to recognize Palestine was a farce - a glaring example of British rascality - the PM David Cameron absconded (and not abstained) from the parliament while the members of the House were putting on a grand show debating the issue of recognizing Palestine as a state. It was the criminal Balfour who was behind the creation of the zionist entity in Palestine.


Now that the zionists having realised that God has cursed them repeatedly and denied them a permanent place on earth have built a multi-tiered skyward graveyard to bring those dead zionists closer to the heaven. That is after doing all those atrocities against innocent people of Palestine, these criminals are again trying to fool God by getting, literally, closer to Him. 

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