Oct 23, 2014


The devoted Hindu Prime Minister of Hindustan visited Washington drinking water to stay healthy from the toxic he may get from eating food prepared by Indian-American chef. By going to America empty-stomached Modi expressed the simple fact that (a) he and his country are empty and waiting to be filled, (b) he and his country are toxic-free as they drink only water (no matter what color it is), or (c) he comes from a country with no toilets and that he doesn't want to find himself in a situation where he needs to make use of toilets.

The throngs of Indian-Americans gathered at the now renamed Modison square to listen to the promise of change suggests that he has won the approval rating of American administration despite his murderer past. His suggestion for a lifelong visa for Americans of Indian origin only shows to prove the flexibility he has adopted in bringing back the talented Indians who left India because of lack of proper sanitation particularly toilets.

It is important, as he wants to build more toilets, that he does not make use of Muslim waqf lands to build toilets. Many of the Muslim lands in India were usurped by Indian government under one pretext or the other or sold by unscrupulous Muslims for cheap. It is said that the Billionaire Ambani built his exclusive family mansion-condominium on waqf lands. With BJP in power, I am certain it aims to clean India of Muslim since his fellow joker Jasbir Singh has labelled Muslims as filth.

It is a wake up call for Muslims in India not to be silent over the oppression, repression and suppression leveled against them by criminals who engineered their ways to leadership. Very soon Muslims will find themselves at the periphery of Hindu low casts. I see a repeat of a pattern so successfully tested in Singapore being repeated in India at a grand level to pauper Muslims by systematically weeding out genuine communal leadership and supplanting it with those Muslims who have been pimping on behalf of their non-Muslim masters. Indian Muslims must take note of the six-headed snakes and the many-handed devil and work out their future with full reliance on their own abilities and skills. There is nothing much can be said but more can be done. 

             MODI'S TOILET DRIVE 

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