Mar 5, 2015


Certainly the coming of Jokowi as the first elected President of Indonesia augurs well for his country and he has proven his critics wrong when he reinstated the execution order for drug offenders. Many mistook his unimposing demure for weakness, and some even saying that he is just a joker (taking a cue from his name). His approach to managing the country seems to be on an even keel when he is tempering toughness with kindness. However, the recent execution of the drug offenders whose crime was commuted to life imprisonment earlier, has drawn international condemnation and a veiled warning to Indonesia was given if the executions of the two Australians were to be carried out. Even Brazilian President has refused to accept the credential of the Indonesian envoy for executing a Brazilian man for drug offense earlier, despite strong pleading from her. Now the behavior of Australian leadership is worth commending. He has used persuasive pressure to get the Indonesian President talking about the impending execution by rehearsing the conversation on the aid Australia offered to Indonesia in its time of tsunami. No doubt it was a help and it is what every neighbor ought to do to one another.

If Abbott is sincere in his demand to save the lives of these two drug masterminds, he should have condemned their act to corrupt the people of Indonesia through drug. How many lives of Indonesians have been ruined or decimated because some individuals or the members of organised syndicates operating from countries that champion the rule of law and advocate human rights. It is important if the Australians were to surrender the real culprits behind this drugging of Indonesians. If Abbott had done that then Jokowi would have considered the merit of the case and released these tow reformed individuals.

My heart goes to these two individuals who have gone through the reformation process in the prison, yet they are awaiting their execution for the crime they had committed. Given the situation and the gravity of the matter, the decision taken by the government of Indonesia is in the best interest of the country and to drive home the message that Indonesia does not show sympathy on drug dealer. Perhaps the size or the quantity of the drug involved would have met with some sympathetic consideration. But the quantity involving these two Australians of Asian origin has breached all levels of leniency. Even prisoner swap will not be wise. Perhaps the Australians might attempt to do the drug dealings through elderly couples who don't mind dying for a cause no matter the cause is lacking in legal or moral aspects. Indonesia must be vigilant from now on to ensure that drug is not dealt through elders or even children (the two vulnerable ones).

I sincerely hope that Australia and other countries will continue to help Indonesia and other countries with strict drug laws by preventing their own citizens to engage in such activities aimed at corrupting and destroying the people of the countries they visit.


The fact that Australia has made use of its Grand Mufti to plead with the Indonesia authorities suggests that it is insincere in the welfare of the Indonesians who have some 4.5 million drug addicts influenced by this foreign-past time. The Mufti must have used his brain to say no to this request since he has let his good office to be abused by politicians who are working to defend criminals. It reminds me of the effort by the famous Qaradawi who made representation to the Taliban over the destruction of the Buddha statue in Bamiyan who questioned as to why he came to defend the stone and not to defend the bombing of poor Afghans. Muftis must not be in the wrong side of justice, otherwise they lose their respect.


Now it is learned that some in Australia are trying to make use of the eldest son of President Jokowi to stop the impending execution of the two Australians, just because Gibran (sounds like Khalil Gibran) studied in Australia and has been programmed by them. It is in the best interest of Indonesia Jokowi should keep his family out of his decision-making process. Children can be a challenge to those who want to serve the nation and often they are the soft targets through whom many can get their intended outcome fulfilled. It is a veiled warning to Joko, that is his son will be targeted for some drug-related activities should he proceed with the execution. My advise is execute the drug offenders in the presence of Gibran so that he can communicate the feelings of the 4.5 million drug abusers in Indonesia whose parents are living dying everyday hoping that those who let their children into this vice are brought to justice. Can Canberra stop supporting its drug-maniacs to spoil poor Indonesians? Can Tony Abbott compensate the affected Indonesian for the damage done by his fellow citizens or at least give Australian citizenship to the 4.5. million Indonesian drug users? This would be the step in the right direction. If he can do that than there is merit in his demand for the reversal of Joko's decision. It is no point in delaying the execution any longer. It is time for Jokowi to put his leg down firmly and not to be dissuaded by family or business, otherwise he will be called a Joker instead.


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