Apr 2, 2015


What we are witnessing in the Middle East is a war of revenge where Islam is being abused by criminal Muslims. The killing of the two innocent Japanese men and the burning alive of a captured Jordanian Muslim pilot and not to mention the score of many other innocent people who lost their heads and lives speak volumes on the rage-cum-madness that is ruining the reputation of Islam and the world sympathy for Muslims. Before I join the chorus that condemns this barbarity and brutality, which Islam categorically prohibits, I am trying to understand the root of this mad rage.

As the world press would have made us know that the self-appointed Caliph al-Baghdadi was indeed a victim of American barbarity against innocent Iraqis in the infamous Abu Gharib torture centre. The current madness has its genesis in the treatment meted out to these people in the so-called rendition camps which were illegally constituted to degrade the morale of Muslims and to insult their religious values and sensitivities. There is no point in appealing to appease the taste buds of Muslims by speaking from the high moral ground of Washington that the notion that "West is against Islam is a lie" while letting a Huntington's disease to spread the false alarm of "clash of civilization" to maim the minds of the renegade world leaders to justify an illegal occupation and the desecration of the cradles of civilization in Iraq and Afghanistan on the pretext of searching for weapons of mass destruction based on blatant lies manufactured by those who sold their souls to the zionist-infested American congress. Now what we see is the result of their malicious attempts to reshape the region according to their insatiable greed to grab the wealth and resources of these lands and to keep others from accessing these resources.

Certainly those who were affected by these sustained campaign of lies are up in arms against those perpetrators, collaborators and coordinators of these lies who have spilled the blood of the innocents and created a wound that is deep and painful. I am sure the repercussion of their evil actions will have far reaching impacts on many just people who will continue fighting for justice and bring those criminals to justice.

What this so-called Islamic State has done is that it has even attracted the imaginations of three UK-born and bred Muslim teenage girls to dupe their parents and find their ways through the European security to enter Syria at ease. Many similar adventurists will work their ways through their own security apparatuses to achieve even greater popularity. What is so attractive in the IS that it blinds the wits of the youngsters to leave their studies and happiness to experience a rough life? Are the news coming up from the land of the Caliphate truly convincing? or the news coverages of the Western media not accurate? There must be something in the IS that is attractive.

I was sitting in a Starbucks near my place sipping some fine tea listening to a conversation between friends near my table. The parents were trying to answer their son on the terrible things perpetrated by IS and advising him not to fall for their cause. The son was blunt in his answer. He feels that IS is doing what the Muslim governments have failed to do. He sees every where Muslims are insulted and their religion is ridiculed while none of their leaders could stand up to the West, instead they themselves became the spokes persons for the West. In return the West keep them in power and allow them and their children to succeed at the expense of their security.Listening to their conversation I felt that there is certainly a generational gap in respect of their understanding of the conflicts afflicting the Muslim society.

I think the best way to rescue these unimpressionable youngsters is to settle them in jobs and keep them occupied. Since most of these people are frustrated with not finding jobs even after graduating has led them to find "job" for themselves by venturing into such destructive activities. It is my ardent appeal to the world leaders and to the Muslim leaders in particular to focus on the employability of these frustrated young people so that they will find meaning in life and will look forward to positive involvement in shaping their own future.

My request to the learned scholars is that they also must play their religious duty to give hope to these frustrated people and guide them to build nations and not to destroy them. What we are seeing in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Nigeria and not to forget Afghanistan is sheer madness to undo what has been done since centuries ago. The total impunity with which historical sites are destroyed and desecrated clearly depict the level of anger. This fire needs to be put off with proper guidance and not to fan it further. Here the responsible 'ulama's and Muslim leaders must take the lead in showing the young people to build their heaven in this world, so that they can have even greater happiness in the actual heaven to come!

             SABTAI ROSENNE

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