Sep 18, 2014


David Cameron is making history by begging the Scots not to leave the 300 odd years Union of Enlightened Enslavement of Scotland. He went to the oil-rich city of Aberdeen without donning the Scottish kilt. Had he gone as Scot he would have received their respect. But the turn of events that are unfolding in the independent-seeking Scotland is that the highlanders are ready for it. In fact it augurs well for them and to all the Brits. One of the story in our Tamil textbook that had registered in my mind since my child-boyhood in India (probably from 1971-74) is the story of Robert Bruce and his struggle for independence. If I am not mistaken the story was about his various defeats by the English and while he was resting in a cave he watched the several attempts by a spider to complete its web. It succeeded at its seventh attempt. On seeing that he declared war against the English and won the battle. The moral of the story is that one should have unflinching moral courage and determination to achieve one's objective in life. In fact this story was one of a great inspiration for me. I had the dream of one day visiting his country (Scotland) which I did later when I went to pursue my doctorate program at the University of Edinburgh from 1992-1995.

The call for revisiting that historic moment, albeit in a peaceful manner, is the recent call for the referendum to decide the future of Scotland. I am certain many of them would like to see some sort of independence from the House of Windsor, despite the fact that the husband of the Queen is the Duke of Edinburgh. I strongly belief that the time has come for Scots to have their own country as it is no longer wise for them to continue as pillion rider for the English and to be in the forefront of all its unjust wars throughout the history. In fact in the history of India, particularly in the defeat of Sultan Tipu of Mysore, it was the Scottish regiment who claimed the booty and took all his royal insignia and personal paraphernalia including his bloodstained robes, turbans, swords and even the miniatured canon replica presented by the Ottoman Sultan were well kept by the Edinburgh Museum. I paid them a visit as mark of respect for that great man who rocked the British but was defeated by the conniving English who bought the soul of Tipu's father-in-law for letting them in by the rear gate of the castle, with the promise of the highest office only to be eliminated immediately after the fall of Tipu. Not only that the British anger for Tipu resulted in the persecution of his descendants, even his descendant Noorun Nisa Inayat Khan was later employed by the British to spy on the Germans during the WWWII, which resulted in her execution. Similar tactics are still followed by the ex-colonies of this Empire.  

So with such records in hand the Scots do not want to continue with their cohabitation with the English, for it is always the Scots who are asked to clean the dirts of the English. I think it is better if they get some sort of autonomy, though I may not wish a total independence at least for the sake of the Queen [God save the Queen] from being the regent witnessing the dismantling of the great union that looted the wealth of others and created a welfare state from their blood and sweat. The new generation of Scots no longer feel proud of the so-called achievements of their ancestors in partaking in the looting of others wealth. Perhaps Cameron and other British leader may strike chord with the dying generation who still hold on to the nostalgic British Empire. But the new generation feels that they can chart their own future as independent people with high hopes. The veiled threats used by the British leaders to cow-down the free spirit of the Scots will not go well with the people of Scotland. It is high time Britain learn the lesson of divide and rule as the British broke the hearts, minds and souls of many a nation in their madness to define the new world. Many of the present chaos in the world is the result of their dirty machination. Of course it is unfair to blame the current British for the crimes of their not-so-illustrious forefathers, but the damage they did and have done to many people and particularly to the Muslims can never be forgotten nor can it be forgiven.

I strongly support the independence of Scotland and I wish the Scots a prosperous and promising future from this painless divorce.

            ROBERT BRUCE 

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